Welcome to the AVANTAGE ROOM!

Our second reference room to test and review audio, home-cinema and video equipment.


The avantage room was created to give the spectators a unique visual experience. By working with top equipment we manage to create a real visual experience.



In addition to the visual experience, a real audio experience should not stay behind. With reference speakers, qualitative cables and strong amplifying we create a wall of sound in avantage room. Spectacle of the highest level in a very pleasant environment.


Let the action scenes come alive in a stunning 3d environment. Feel the vibrations of action explosions throughout your whole body. Imagine yourself in the middle of the movie environment. The avantage room makes you forget the reality and pulls you into the world of pure entertainment.


Working in the avantage room is not just a question of testing and reviewing. This space allows you to hear, see and feel where we are looking for as a audiophile and movie lover. We are creating the ultimate home cinema moment and let us relax. This experience we want to share with you daily.

12th jun 2014

Avantage Room

Audiovideo2day works with 3 reference rooms, each on a different level: the Avantage AV Room, the Lounge and the Diamond Room. Read this page to know all about the construction...

10th jun 2014

Sound system

The sound system of the Avantage room is powered by the Yamaha Aventage surround AMP. At this moment we use the RX-A3020 but we looking forward to welcome the Yamaha...

09th jun 2014
Canton reference series


The combination between Canton and Yamaha is already legendary and for several years applied in Germany. Because we are enamored by the marriage between these 2 brands we have our...

08th jun 2014


During watching a movie is almost 90% of the personal attention is going to the visual stimulation and only 10% to the sound. This is peculiar to the human brain....

07th jun 2014


Oehlbach XXL HDMI and Oehlbach Loudspreaker cables are used to guarantee the best signal transport.  

06th jun 2014
beamax screen


The Beamax 3 meter wide screen ensures the best reflections and contrast for a qualitative viewing experience

05th jun 2014


Home Cinema Modules delivers with the Roma II a perfectly pleasant electrically adjustable cinema seat.

04th jun 2014
Acoustic diffusor


Under construction. This is our next investment. The plan is already finished, now the implementation yet. Our goal is to make the avantage room acoustically neutral.